The Benefits of Golf Hypnosis

Concentration and Focus – ┬áThe player has the ability to live in the moment they are in and not let their mind wander. They are able to give exclusive attention to the shot at hand. Good players perform in the moment, not worrying about what the result of the shot will be.

Positive Attitude – The player improves their ability to see and execute the desired shot. This is the most important step in the pre-shot routine. The player is not living in the past, whether it be within the same round or experiences that were similar. Players imagine what they want to happen not what they fear may happen.

Decisiveness – The player is able to make a decision and execute the shot as they pictured it. Not allowing doubt into the process is a huge key to success. The ability to execute while believing in yourself is something that helps every player.

Judgement – Many players use golf and their golf shots to judge their games and themselves. Players that use hypnosis properly will be able to accept their shots and move on positively. We all hit shots that aren’t satisfactory but the ability to not judge or put ourselves down allows us to perform our best on the next shot.

Enjoyment – Players can choose to enjoy the golf experience whether it is a great round or not so good round. Trying too hard and being harsh on your self is a way to take all the fun out of golf. You have the ability to enjoy the test that a round presents and relish the challenge, not just obsess on your score.


Mike Diffley conducts a Mental Coaching seminar to Met Section golf professionals.


Mike Diffley’s student visualizes a holed putt in slow motion

Mike Diffley’s student visualizes a holed putt at full speed