Hi Everyone,

Wow, it’s the middle of January 2014 and the time is flying bye down here in South Florida. Sorry my NY friends, I have empathy for you because of my 26 winters in a row spent there. Be positive, watch some golf on TV and remember the grass is real. Give yourself a trip to a warm climate to save your sanity and especially for something to look forward to. It’s important to have things to look forward to, whether it be playing golf, seeing friends and family, dreaming about your future.

Dreaming about your future, we all do it, it’s important to human beings to do this because it drives us or simply let’s us keep our sanity. I’m a big believer in setting goals for myself and my players. It gives everyone something to strive for, something to work at and something to dream about. “GOALS ARE DREAMS WITH DEADLINES”. Think about that. A goal is us in the future, to get to the future we want we need to follow a path, we can direct it or just float along keep dreaming. You can direct the path but not always get the outcome you want but so what! It is about the chase, the work, the dreams. Make them real but reachable. That’s being alive!

Moving forward as a coach, 2014 is a ground-breaking year when it comes to stats and the analysis of players games to see where they can improve. Shot link ( PGA Tour tracking) is changing, new stats on board this year. There is a book coming out in March called ” Every Shot Counts ” by Mark Broadie. Mark is a a Columbia University Economics Professor and the creator of the the stat “strokes gained putting”. He is a member of Pelham CC and a friend of mine. I have been involved a little in his research, no he didn’t ask me to help with the algorithms! Just play some golf and talk about some teaching and coaching beliefs. Things I can do!. This book book could be the “Moneyball” of golf, giving golfers and their coaches information and tools to look at their game and realize exactly what their weaknesses are and improve them. Great Stuff!

Golf World Issue January 9, 2014 had a few articles about all the stat stuff. I have attached the link to the article about Mark and a little quote or two from Diff.


Heading up to Orlando this week for my 27th PGA Merchandise Show. It is a gathering that all people in the golf industry must attend to get the vibe of where we are and where we are going! Good fun and times to catch up w/ old friends! Bahama Breeze I-Drive Weds Nite for a few cocktails!

Played in PGA Winter Championships @ PGA Golf Club in Pt St Lucie

Quarter-Century Championships 72-78=150 T4 (Age group 50-54)
Senior Stroke Play Championship 72-72-74=218 T18 (Age group 50-54)
Cashed checks in both!