Hi Everyone,

Been a while since I’ve expressed myself in this manner but glad to share. Hope you enjoy or not.

Merion – Northeast jewel, acreage slightly bigger than Pelham CC (unreal). The modern players are not used to putting when they aren’t aiming at or just outside the hole or rough. Greens that are that undulating require imagination, touch, guts and experience. It’s not their fault the PGA Tour plays tracks that are bomb and gouge friendly but it sure would be fun if the played older, different golf courses and learned the skills that are required to adapt (they would). One might be hitting the fairway. By the way I remember when 530 yards was a par 5. No birdies in the last 36 holes, that’s because it would have been an eagle. Get a grip Mike Davis.

Phil Mickelson – Phil the thrill (perfect moniker). The guy is a riverboat gambler with incredible skill. Plays the US Open without a driver and still can’t hit a fairway. 6 Runner-up finishes in the US Open, seems to be torture but it’s hard to imagine a US Open Champ who cannot hit the ball on the planet. His wedge play and imagination are awesome but playing from the rough at Merion and most US Opens is impossible. The 1st 2 days he hit 75% of he fairways (not his style) and was playing great. We all know under pressure, our weaknesses come out!

Tiger Woods – Now 5 years since he won a Major. Wow, what a stat for the #1 player in the world w/ 4 wins this year. His ability to win majors has been amazing, almost as amazing as Jack. The record is looking safe to me. The 1st day in the rough, obviously a bad lie, he swings like a maniac and hurts his wrist. He is 37 years old, had 3 knee surgeries, maybe he should put the ball back in play once in awhile. We have seen it before, didn’t he withdraw from the US Open many years ago at Congressional when he hurt himself trying to muscle it out of the rough.

Justin Rose – Great golf swing, great composure down the stretch. It’s easy to keep your composure when you hit it s pure as he does but still. He 3 whacked 16 and showed a little emotion on the 1st putt when he pummeled it 8 feet past but let it go in 5 seconds. Missed the next one but kept going forward not backwards. He was not riding an emotional roller-coaster out there. He walked tall, kept his posture and I’m sure was talking positively to himself. Last man standing!

Great golf tournament! I hope everyone is working hard on their game and using the skills that matter! Here comes the summer! Happy Father’s Day to my fellow Dad’s.