Hey Everyone,

March Madness! Unreal! As many of you know, I’m a huge college hoop guy. Basketball and golf, too bad I was a white boy! I had the J but certainly not the speed. St.John’s season ticket holder (28 yrs) gives me the right to coach from the stands like everyone else.

The next two weekends Final Four & Masters! A sports fans nirvana!

Try to get outside with the better weather and DVR the sports!

Why can’t college players make foul shots? Shooting in general seems poor, but foul shooting real bad!

I checked the stats.

Best in Nation / Davidson 80%

D1 Team / Average 69%

St. John’s 64% (in case you care)

NBA Best / Oklahoma City Thunder 83%

NBA / Average 75%

Best Player / Kevin Durant 90%

How does this relate to golf?

Let’s say a 4-foot putt is equal to a foul shot.

PGA Tour Avg / 87%

Scratch Golfer / 80%

Pretty close statistically between foul shots and 4 footers

Technique, Routine and Practice. Competitive Practice. The player who practices correctly, competitively and can enter the zone (their own world) will be successful. Many times the best players are the best foul shooters and putters!

Tiger Woods #1 in Strokes Gained Putting (new stat) at the present time and #1 in the world.

It’s not always true but the correlation is pretty good.

Tiger Woods #1 Putter – #1 Player in the World Rankings

Kevin Durant #1 Foul Shooter – #1 Scorer in NBA

We all know the highest scorer does not mean the best player always but pretty close. In golf the lowest scorer is the best player, putting better is the quickest way to lower scoring!


Let’s see if foul shots determine who wins the National Championship. We know who putts the best will win the Masters!!