Hi Everyone,

Just returned from Florida. It was awesome, the weather, the quality of golf and not freezing my ass off in NY. The golf season in the north is about to start, hopefully your excited for a great season. I know I am, I have set my goals, physical, mental and achievement wise. Have you? Goal setting is the best way to stay motivated. Write them down, put them somewhere you can see them regularly, (keep them private if you like or share them with just a few people.)

If they are easily reachable, maybe they are too easy. Have some that are reachable, some that are a stretch and some that are a dream. Yes a dream! If you don’t dream, you might be selling yourself short. Why would we do that? Do you think Keegan Bradley when he was recruited only by St.John’s still dreamed he was going to be a PGA tour player. Damn right he did.

How do we reach our goals? To succeed at golf we need some key physical skills, a repeatable motion, scoring skills, strength, endurance. Every good player has those traits, some more than others. What makes some players improve and get closer to their dreams than others.The following is list of things on the inside that are invisible to the eye but great players and high achievers all have.

•Strong work ethic
•High level of competitiveness
•Grit or toughness

Do you know how much of the above you have? If you don’t, you should, it doesn’t matter how far you hit it or how great you swing. It’s takes a combination of many facets to succeed at anything especially something as difficult as golf. Are you ready?