Hi Everyone,

What a Masters! How about both players hitting great shots on 18 and then hitting it off
the world on the tee shot on 10 (2nd playoff hole). Bubba who never takes the same
swing twice because he doesn’t know how to swing. He has never had a lesson. He
hits all kinds of shaped shots. He is the King of Visualization. If he didn’t play like that
all the time he never would have been able to hit that shot in the playoff a hooked (40
yards) 52 wedge that carried 135 yards!

Louis, a textbook swinger and putter hit a bad shot but couldn’t recover from jail. He
handled the lead from the 2nd hole thru 18 with a great attitude and smiling demeanor.
We have seen that before on him (8 stroke victory in 2010 British Open) Shrek has it all,
he’ll be back.

Bubba who has been called an idiot savant (I agree) by many because he knows things
about his golf swing by intuition not direct knowledge. If he tried to play golf swing he
would be back in Milton, Fla repairing cars. He knows what he does best and after
learning to control his negativity has become a Major Champion. 18 months ago his
caddy and friend threatened to dump him if he didn’t stop complaining and moaning out
there. Bubba has had four wins and the Masters since that change.

So what’s the lesson, play your way. A swinger, a shaper both work. Sometimes one
beats the other but play to your strengths. Good Attitude = Winners. It’s your choice to
choose how you play and how you think!

If you want some help, let me know. I have some answers.